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When planning to go on a 10-week journey of intuitive life-coaching, you would want to take as your guide one of the most authentic people you can find to be your traveling companion. Mary Beth is this person. She is one of the kindest, most empathetic people I have ever met. I felt so supported during my time with her and her coaching gave me some valuable tools for handling the ups and downs of life. Her gentle demeanor and her ability to hold the space for growth made the entire experience a gift. I can’t wait to work with her again in the future! Go ahead and treat yourself to a colorful and empowering adventure with Mary Beth! You will gain some powerful insights into navigating your future and achieving your dreams!

- Catherine C. {Life Coaching & Intuitive Client}



I've been a bit overwhelmed with emotions since having a reading with Mary Beth; she connected with my Mother in spirit. So much of what she said makes sense and is spot on. I've been to mediums before, and even had a reading with a different medium after Mary Beth, and it wasn't even close to as good as the one I had with Mary Beth. I can't thank her enough.

- Sarah F. {Intuitive Client}

Mary Beth has a beautiful gift to connect to spirits. I am grateful for the many messages she received from my Father during the darkest times of my life. My husband and I struggled for many years to conceive. Mary Beth received a message from my Father that my son was coming and to not give up hope; he mentioned the month of February. Seven months later, I conceived my first son and he was born in February. Although my Father has been gone now longer than I knew him, because of Mary Beth and the messages she received, I feel my Dad around me and know he is still a part of my life to watch over and guide me.

- Meghan T. {Intuitive Client}

I have known Mary Beth for a number of years and when I saw she had started her own Life Coach/Intuitive business, I was eager to reach out to her and schedule an intuitive session.The reading was AWESOME and Mary Beth shared some intuitive contacts with those close to me who have passed.  Mary Beth is a very warm and caring person and my session was well worth the time spent with her. I will definitely schedule another appointment in the future!

-Teresa G. {Intuitive Client}

My intuitive session was a wonderful experience. I felt an instant connection with Mary Beth. Her ability to hit on some of the most obscure details of loved ones from my past was truly a gift. Mary Beth brought back some beautiful memories that had been long forgotten. I would absolutely recommend anyone interested in getting an intuitive reading or getting life coaching to reach out to Mary Beth.

- Julie C.  {Intuitive Client}

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Mary Beth is an excellent coach. Her work helped me gain insight into my own career and see a different perspective. I would definitely turn to her for guidance again!

- Christy F.   {Life Coaching Client}

About 18 months after I lost my Dad, while discussing my grief with Mary Beth… I explained to her how deeply I wanted to connect with him and how I was missing the signs. Thankfully, she was able to connect with him and deliver very specific messages to me, which provided healing and comfort. She also helped me understand that, while not on the specific timeline I desired, my loved one was there with me and Mary Beth helped me to find him in different ways. I’m so very grateful!

- Jamie J. {Intuitive Client}

I had an intuitive session with Mary Beth this week. Awesome experience! What she brought out couldn’t have been more spot on. There were times I had chills and tears in my eyes. If you are lost, need some answers, or would like insight to what’s going on in your life, I highly recommend booking a session with Mary Beth!

-Carla D. {Intuitive Client}

A couple of weeks ago I did something I have always wanted to do, but was hesitant — I met with Mary Beth. Y’all! I was totally blown away. She had two people come through for me, things were said that there is no way anyone would have known. The amount of peace this brought me is immeasurable. The way it has helped me in my healing journey is indescribable. During the reading, I was told to look out for two dragonflies together as they would be a sign for my daughter. Well, within a couple of days after my reading I was cleaning off my kitchen table and notice that the two dragonflies I have in my windows had joined each other. They were not placed beside each other, one was stuck to my window at the top and had been there foreverrrr. But there they were joined at the bottom. I really couldn’t believe it. I left them that way and it’s a blessing to see every day now. If anyone is interested in a reading or if you think having a reading will help you on your journey in ANY way (she gave me insights on my soul searching as well and they were so very helpful and eye opening), I highly recommend Mary Beth! She is kind, professional and so good at what she does. Thank you Mary Beth for the life long blessings!

-Elizabeth D. {Intuitive Client}

Mary Beth is so talented. Her intuitive abilities are so keen and accurate, and were spot-on for my life. She was also able to connect with a loved one I never expected to come through, and I enjoyed getting to connect with someone in my lineage I never had the opportunity to meet, which was really cool. There was even a physical experience that related to one of my loved ones acknowledging an event that took place just several weeks prior. That was the moment I got chills. She is so enjoyable to speak with and I loved this intuitive and mediumship experience I had with Mary Beth!

- Faith J. {Intuitive Client}

I had the honor to have an intuitive session with Mary Beth last night. I have had a few related experiences before with readings, but let me tell you, this one was the best by far!! The time Mary Beth put in prior to our session to soulfully connect with me and then my deceased Uncle was much appreciated. This time and dedication shows her passion for what she does and reflected in what she told me!! Thank you, and I look forward to connecting again in the future!

-Kayla M. {Intuitive Client}

I rarely give testimonials but this is something much more than that. Mary Beth has a gift, and if you’ve ever doubted intuition, signs, spiritual powers, or the idea of connecting to someone who is no longer with us on earth, I will tell you with 100% confidence, that all of those things are real. MB has done a few readings for me and been able to share things with me that she absolutely could not have known unless I had specifically told her… not bad things, but during her readings she was able to see images of things that happened within days of our reading that I hadn’t even shared yet with anyone, and at times what she shared moved me to tears. 


If you ever wanted to have a spiritual reading, or have major life decisions to make and can’t decide, or you want to try and connect with a spirit then you should definitely reach out to her. I promise you won’t regret the experience. 

-Hala H. {Intuitive Client}

Mary Beth validated so many things I've thought about — and told me other things that blew my mind.

-Teresa S. {Intuitive Client}

I received life coaching sessions from Mary Beth and I could not be more happy with my experience. As a result, I have seen an increase in confidence and an abundance of blessings come into my life after applying all I've learned during my life coaching sessions. She is supportive, understanding, and an expert at what she does. I highly recommend and encourage others to begin the journey of discovering how they can improve their lives through Mary Beth's life coaching modules.

-Brianne C. {Life Coaching Client}

Mary Beth is kind, professional, knowledgeable, honest, and fun. My experience during the recent Intuitive session I had with her was nothing short of amazing; enlightening, touching, interesting, and very, very helpful. I truly believe that everyone would benefit from a session with Soul Shines Coaching. I can’t wait until my next session!

-Maura G. {Intuitive Client}

A few months ago I was given the best gift I could’ve ever received. Mary Beth connected me with my Dad. There have been so many questions and things I have wanted to know and hear since he passed 13 years ago. Our session was full of laughter, and some tears. The fact that she was able to be the voice of my dad was truly special. She and I grew up together and she was like a second daughter to my parents. It is an experience that I am so thankful for and will never forget. Mary Beth, you have a very special gift and the fact that you care so much about people and being able to help people move on is amazing. You are truly special.

-Kristen H. {Intuitive Client}

Can't say enough wonderful things about my Intuitive reading with Mary Beth. There wasn't one subject she left uncovered, very thorough. It was like she was in my head, feeling what I was feeling. If you are someone who is looking for more insight - I highly recommend connecting with Mary Beth. Next, I look forward to working with her on Soul Shines Life Coaching.

Thank you again for your love and support! You are truly gifted.

-Rya B. {Intuitive Client}

Amazing experience with Soul Shines Coaching. I was blessed to win an Intuitive session. The messages from my son were accurate and healing. So many points regarding my life, work was interesting and on point. Receiving notes following helped me be engaged and feel the energy brought forth. Thank you again! Highly recommend.

-Rhonda W. {Intuitive Client}

I have taken some time to process a very thought provoking intuitive session with Mary Beth. So many of the things that were brought to me were spot on and things that I have been over analyzing in my head for a very long time. Many questions were answered and I was given insight on paths that I needed to take. Having my Dad come through was something I had been hoping for and the messages that were delivered from him healed some very old wounds. I can't thank Mary Beth enough for the time and love that she put into my session.

-Julie C. {Intuitive Client}

I booked my first Intuitive session with Mary Beth a few months ago and I was totally blown away. She made the entire session extremely comfortable and relaxed. Mary Beth connected with someone that I loved very much and it was a truly emotional and wonderful experience. Not only was she able to pass messages along to me from this person, but I was able to ask her questions about decisions I had been trying to make in my own personal life. The information I received in this session was invaluable. I will certainly book another session in the not so distant future!

-Amy T. {Intuitive Client}

 I scheduled an intuitive session with Mary Beth and she did not disappoint! Her insights into my current well-being and concerns helped me better discern a direction in moving forward with my next chapter in life (after semi-retiring and moving out of state). Mary Beth was able to connect with my Father, who had passed 7 years ago, which provided me encouragement as well as a sense of ease that he is truly with me each and every day. I highly recommend Mary Beth. She is professional, compassionate and has a true gift that will be appreciated by many.

-Christine P. {Intuitive Client}

The same week I had my reading, I was interviewing for a new job that would take me out of the classroom, where I'd been for 16 years. I was scared, unsure, worried that I wasn't skilled enough. Mary Beth saw me with a badge, working on Excel spreadsheets. That didn't clarify too much at the time... however I did end up getting the job, and my ENTIRE (work) LIFE revolves around Excel spreadsheets. And my badge? It is vital, it's not just an ID! Mary Beth picked up many key things about me, and it comforted me. She brought in some messages from my aunt (and my grandfather!) who have passed. What she shared from them was exactly the way they'd speak if they were in the room with us. Mary Beth gave me so much more than just a reading for my birthday. I feel incredibly supported from her and I will recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading, coaching or even a listening ear. 

-Denae G. {Intuitive Client}

I absolutely loved my intuitive session with Mary Beth. I had never done anything like it before so I was quite nervous, but Mary Beth put me at ease right away. It was impressive hearing all of the information Mary Beth "saw" about me and my life. She followed up with a wonderful summary of everything we discussed, which I really appreciate. I definitely recommend trying an intuitive session with Mary Beth.

-Laura B. {Intuitive Client}

I had a session with Mary Beth several months ago. It’s taken a while to write a testimonial because I have had to process a lot of things. 90% of my session with Mary Beth resonated with me and made total sense. It also helped give me the strength to do some hard things in life that I am now benefiting from. It was both therapeutic and enlightening. I have booked another session with her to see how the changes I have made over the last few months have affected my life path and to get more guidance on moving forward. Mary Beth has connected with me in the interim showing that she cares beyond our session. I appreciate her guidance and have used it to become a stronger person and to understand that doing hard things in life are worth doing.

-Shannan B. {Intuitive Client}

I truly feel that I was led to a specific Instagram post Mary Beth made, which in turn led me to booking an intuitive session. I was so in awe and moved by what she had to say, and an explanation for a message I was getting but not truly receiving. I feel a peace now after getting some clarity on a situation that she provided guidance for through connecting with me. So glad I took a chance and booked!

-Joanna H. {Intuitive Client}

I had an intuitive session with Mary Beth! She is very professional and is good at what she does. My experience has been amazing. Not only did she connect with me on a soul level, but she also got to connect with my loved one in spirit. That alone was so comforting. The messages she shared were so spot on and I left our session feeling very empowered! Thank you, MB! I will be a repeat client!

-Tatiana D. {Intuitive Client}

I felt very safe during the intuitive session and Mary Beth empowered me to ask questions and jump in with comments at my will during our discussion. She reviewed all aspects of my life to include marriage, family, children, work, and personal direction and affirmed many questions I had been pondering internally. Having this session with Mary Beth further helped me develop some insight into my life’s direction and also in growing my own intuition.  This was very helpful and much appreciated.  I would absolutely recommend Mary Beth as a practitioner in intuitive Life Coaching and especially this modality of healing and personal growth.

-Christina G. {Intuitive Client}

Mary Beth truly has a gift. She has a very calm and soothing energy. The way she receives and communicates the messages makes you feel comfortable in knowing what is to be received. During my pet/intuitive session, I had so many questions going into it and every single one was answered or gave guidance as to the path that should be taken. She was spot on with details from every message that came through. I highly, highly recommend having a session with MaryBeth.

-Heatherann M. {Intuitive Client}

 Immediately Mary Beth was able to pick up on things that there was no way she would have found out about me prior to our session! There were key messages within the main point of focus that drew my attention closer to everything that was being delivered. She creates a comfortable environment and a space for experiencing something truly divine! I knew in my gut there was a connection before I ever knew anything about her gifts. She picked up on things about me months before we ever had a professional session. Truly amazing! Thank you for spending your time with me and being ever so patient!

-Shanee J. {Intuitive Client}

Spending time with Mary Beth was so refreshing! She shocked me right from the start when she said my guides referenced Nickelodeon Green Slime. I was confused at first & remembered when I was young, I went to the Nickelodeon resort and had green slime poured on me!! The message was to find more ways to do things I thought were fun as a child, something I haven’t been doing at all. Mary Beth provided so much more insight that really confirmed so much I had been feeling lately, she gave me the reassurance I needed that I wasn’t alone in my journey and to start trusting my own intuition more. I highly recommend working with Mary Beth, she is friendly, has such a warm energy & such a motivational way of sharing the messages our guides have for us! Will definitely be rebooking again soon!

-Taylor B. {Intuitive Client}

What a beautiful mediumship session I had with Mary Beth. She was so kind and presented in such a gentle way. It was my first experience doing something like this and I was so touched and even surprised with some of the info she provided. When she shared playing “badminton” as something special/fun with my Dad, I was so surprised. It was a game we played as a family when I was growing up. It was a fantastic family memory. Also we connected with a dear friend and it gave me such peace to know how I can always feel her presence with a sunset. Thank you again Mary Beth for a wonderful connection.

-Judy W. {Intuitive Client}

I did the intuitive & mediumship session with Mary Beth and it could not have exceeded my expectations more. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I would never take back my choice to meet with her as it is high on my list of best decisions I’ve ever made. She may be a mother and human just like the rest of us, but I see her as more of an angel. Talking with her is almost like talking to the better parts of yourself and you will recognize that. If I had to explain it, it’s like not having to explain how you feel but she completely understands and tells you everything that’s already in your mind. If you were brought to her page, you are already in the right place., just follow your instinct. You won’t regret it. I can’t thank her enough for just being her!

-Taney W. {Intuitive Client}

When having a mediumship reading done, it can be a very emotional and personal experience. Mary Beth takes all of that into consideration. She is very sensitive and personal when she did my reading. When she connected with my family members she brought up some moments that were so surreal. When she told me a couple of things to look for to know my loved one is around me, I was a little hesitant because I never see these items, but I started to see them! I was blown away! Mary Beth connects with your family and gives you this feeling that I have never felt before. After grieving for so long, it made me feel so good. I have listened to the recording several times and it continues to give me the feeling of love that I have missed for so long. I’m so happy I did my reading. Mary Beth is a true talent.

-Julie A. {Intuitive Client}

If you’re reading this because you are hesitant about reaching out to Mary Beth to get started, just do it! I had a combo intuitive + mediumship session with Mary Beth. I was more excited about the mediumship part but I ended up being completely blown away by the intuitive session. She brought so many things that are going on in my life to the forefront and helped me to see new perspective. I also was given some peace regarding some of the bigger challenges that had been a stress for me. I’ve continued to see the signs that Mary Beth shared with me which make me smile. She has such a gift and I’m so grateful that she has felt this calling to share them with us. Book the session, you will be so happy that you did.

-Allyson M. {Intuitive Client}

This by far has been a superior event in my life! I have been floating on air ever since my reading! It was very well rounded starting with spiritual health, overall medical health, and then speaking with my loved ones!! I was so nervous about it, but I certainly never had to be. She has a way of helping to put you at ease so that the reading can be fully enjoyed!! I recommend Mary Beth highly and will look forward to having another reading in the future!!

-Mary L. {Intuitive Client}

 I recently completed a 10-week life coaching evolution with Mary Beth and am still searching for all of the descriptive words to articulate how fulfilling and incredible this experience was. It was educational, multipurpose, and meaningful. I continue to practice my learnings daily, in all aspects of my life and will seek further sessions for maintenance. Mary Beth is sparkling star in a dark sky, lighting the way. Hands down, an unforgettable part of my journey.

-Anna M. {Life Coaching + Intuitive Client}

I have called on Mary Beth for both Intuition sessions as well as Life Coaching. Both have been extremely valuable in me processing life events. With Life Coaching, it gave the opportunity to focus on my own personal growth in ways I did not know existed. I was more deeply in-tune after each session on how be more open to different energies, and how to harness more of it in different circumstances moving forward. I thought her Life Coaching exercises were very valuable and time worth spent. Thanks Mary Beth!

-Kristy S. {Life Coaching + Intuitive Client}

I received life coaching and an intuitive session from Mary Beth. I was amazed at how spot on she was for the intuitive session. It provided lots of insight from my spirit self. I will be booking another one soon! I completed all three modules of Mary Beth's life coaching and the experience was extremely eye-opening. I didn't think I would feel as much as I did as I worked with the color energies each week and each week was a surprise. A lot of my shadow sides came up and Mary Beth was right there with me to hold space, help me unpack, and remind me that the best gift I can give to myself is grace. I recommend Mary Beth to anyone seeking life coaching with a spiritual twist, or someone in need of guidance from their spiritual selves! Her gifts are amazing and we are blessed that she is sharing them with us.

-Dana C. {Life Coaching + Intuitive Client}

From mediumship to coaching and yes, even pet readings, I’ve been able to uncover so many beautiful truths about the magic that not only surrounds us, but that lives within us. Mary Beth has continued to bring grounded and loving guidance into each and every session. The real gift she gives is in the blessings of the take-away. She channeled special signs from loved ones that I now see regularly; I’m able to embody energy that summons strength in challenging times, and my overall outlook on life is shinier. There aren’t enough words to thank her for the gifts that she continues to share and the clarity it has brought into my life.

-Jill W. {Life Coaching + Intuitive Client}

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