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How to Pick Your Word of the Year

Choosing an annual theme via a “word” of the year has been quite trendy in recent past.

As a life coach, I recommend choosing one because — as I always say — INTENTION IS EVERYTHING.

Energy follows thought, and thought directs energy. 💫

Unless you feel divine inspiration drop into your consciousness with a particular word, then here are some writing prompts you can use in order to narrow down yours for 2024.

⭐️ Which words describe the person you’re aspiring to be in 2024?

⭐️ What are your top 3 values?

⭐️ What feelings do you wish to have next year?

Another tip is to think about the antonyms, or opposites, of what you don’t want more of in 2024…and then use those as inspiration. For example, say this year you felt rushed and chronically overwhelmed, you might consider choosing a word such as peace or calm.

My word for 2024 is abundance. This is often associated with material or monetary wealth, but for me, it’s about abundant thinking in all aspects of my life.


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