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Miracle Mornings

In 2015, I purchased the book, Miracle Mornings. I read it cover to cover.

But, I didn't implement the strategies.

Recently I heard the book's author, Hal Elrod, being interviewed on a podcast.

It ignited a fire inside of me to give this concept a real try.

Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become. - Jim Rohn

Hal interviewed countless thought leaders who are devoted to personal development and the six most common practices make up the acronym, (Life) SAVERS. He outlines them in Miracle Mornings.

The idea is to wake up an hour earlier than you normally would, and commit to these six practices. IF this concept feels totally out of reach (like I felt back in 2015), no worries — incorporating any of them into your daily routine, ANY time of day, will be beneficial.

S = Silence. This can come in the form of prayer, meditation, reflection, deep breathing, gratitude.

A = Affirmations. They are underrated and often misunderstood. Affirmations should be practical and actionable. Begin by affirming what you're committed to "no matter what," then identify your "why" behind your commitment, and what specific actions you'll take. I've talked about affirmations at length on my Soul Shines Coaching Instagram channel.

V = Visualization. Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers of all time, is notoriously known for visualizing and mentally rehearsing his execution. Will Smith visualized his success years before ever becoming famous. You've probably heard the story about actor Jim Carrey who wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars, visualized it for years, then got paid that exact amount for the movie Dumb and Dumber. You have to see it in your own imagination, first, before the Universe can reflect it back to you. Creating Mind Movies & Vision Boards are some of my favorite tools.

E = Exercise. Research proves that moving our bodies significantly enhances our health, self-confidence, mental clarity, and overall emotional well-being. Start with just 10 minutes in the morning — yoga, stretching, jumping jacks — whatever feels practical for you.

R = Reading. The quickest way to achieve what you want is to model what others do who have already achieved it; it's that simple. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Re-read a personal development book that you haven't read in ages. Disclaimer: I personally adore audio books, since I'm often chasing around my 2-year-old and don't have two hands available to hold open a tangible book, but that will change as I go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier before the kiddos do. In a past Soul Shines Coaching blog post, I listed my all-time favorite personal development books.

S = Scribing. This is just another word for writing. Open up that dusty journal in your bedside table and find your favorite pen. Get your thoughts out of your mind and onto the paper. Writing down what you're grateful for is a phenomenal way to raise your energy and vibration. You can document a recent experience that stretched you, review lessons and learnings, or maybe creative ideas will come forward.

An example "Miracle Morning" schedule might look like this:

Silence — 5 minutes

Affirmations — 5 minutes

Visualization — 5 minutes

Exercise — 20 minutes

Reading — 20 minutes

Scribing — 5 minutes

Again, if you can't or won't commit to 60 minutes first thing in the morning, then at least consider incorporating one of some of these practices.

Or, maybe you scale down this schedule to 2 minutes each.

Your miracles are waiting!

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