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Why 2024 is Considered a Power Year

2024 is a “year 8” — but what does that mean? ♾️

Numerology is a spiritual practice that ascribes meaning to numbers. To determine what number a year is, you add up all of the digits — 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8.

The number 8 signifies personal power, material and financial gain, achievements, reward, and satisfaction. So, this is not a year to dream per se, but to MAKE magic 🪄 happen.

For context, 2023 was a year 7, and that energy had more to do with spirituality, inner work, and curiosity.

Here is what Astrologer Renee Watt says about 2024, “Find the courage to cut out passive behaviors. Advocate for oneself and negotiate better pay. The universe favors those who are bold yet fair, so remember that finding your own strength doesn’t mean cutting others down. Stand firm in your resolve, believe in yourself and great things will manifest.”

Additionally, and worth noting, 2024 is also the Year of the Dragon 🐉 based on the Chinese Zodiac. We are heading into a year of Yang energy, which has to do with taking action and reaping our harvest (sound familiar?). The theme here is career, money, and stepping into your power. The dragon has been a symbol of success and prosperity since ancient times.

The takeaway? Know that you are fully supported this year to step into your power. Take ACTION. 💥 Step up. Do the damn thing.

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