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How The Soul Shines Name Was Born

In 2020, I had a reading with someone who is a holistic health practitioner & highly tuned into communicating with angels.

I didn’t know I was pregnant with my daughter Brooklyn at the time, but she did — telling me pregnancy was imminent (a pregnancy test was positive 2 weeks later). She also tuned into my future business (which today is intuitive life coaching + serving as psychic/medium). She saw a big focus on business coaching vs. personal coaching and as it turns out, so far, 100% of my life coaching clients’ main focus is about their career / business.

During that same session, I was sitting at my desk & I looked up at a piece of artwork I had looked at hundreds of times before. But this time, it hit me. My future business would be called “Soul Shines.”

Back in 2018, I had a reiki healing session by someone who is also an intuitive. During that session, she telepathically heard the words from my Spirit team, “You are the sun.”

I’ve had an affinity for the sun, the moon, and the soul for as long as I can remember; I explained this insight to my graphic designer when hiring her to create my Soul Shines Coaching logo.

Thank you to everyone in this community who follows/likes/comments/shares my social media content, magazine articles, and blog posts. Who has ever booked an intuitive reading or done life coaching sessions with me. Who has referred clients my way. Who has submitted a testimony. Who sends me a DM with gratitude or appreciation.

I’m living my purpose & have never felt more fulfilled in my entire life. ☀️ At the deepest part of myself, I wish that for you too.

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