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Harnessing the Power of Your Own Aura

Spiritual practitioners and energy healers believe that we have an aura. Our aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical bodies. Like many aspects of the metaphysical realm, our auras have not been scientifically proven per se, but it’s hard to argue against the fact that everyone emits a certain energy — also referred to as a vibrational frequency.

Do you feel relaxed in someone’s presence, or do you feel anxious? Many attribute that the sensation we pick up on around others, is a reaction to the energy they are radiating.

When discussing colors that comprise the aura, it’s common to hear what each color represents — their qualities and attributes. But, did you know that there are ways to actually harness the power of your aura’s color energies?

In other words, you can expand your ability for positive change by leveraging the innate strength of color energies. Have you been in self-denial, or judgmental of others? Work with the color blue. Are you up for a job interview or promotion and want to be seen as a confident leader? Work with the color purple.

Here are just a few examples of using color as a catalyst to serve your greatest and highest good.

Blue is the color of truth and wisdom; this color is often associated with the third eye. Blue energy helps strengthen our own connection to divine wisdom and inner guidance. Blue will help set your fears free. If you’re living in the shadow side of blue, then you most likely become easily defensive and do not want to hear the truth.

To activate this color, simply look at the blue sky or into any body of blue water, take some deep breaths, and center your energy. During meditation, visualize blue energy radiating over your entire being. Imagine that you’re taking a bath in this blue energy, and set the intention that you fully embrace honesty.

Affirmation: With courage, honesty and strength, I see the truth.

Green is the color of creativity and communication. It is helpful to work with green whenever you want to help clear up misunderstandings and effectively express yourself. If you think about people who live abundant lives, they are usually pros at expressing the goals they’d like to manifest.

Before an important event, particularly one when you will have a speaking role, activate a radiant, emerald green energy in your mind’s eye. Physical representations work well to harness a color’s energy too, such as being near or touching a plant, drinking a chlorophyl supplement, as well as wearing green-colored clothing.

Affirmation: I express my energy clearly to those around me.

Orange is the color of balance and perception. It is a wonderful color energy to use when experiencing frantic periods of time; when life feels scattered and overwhelming. Working with orange helps us identify just how present we are in any given moment, giving us a bird’s eye perspective into our lives to figure out where harmony is missing.

A common example of living in the shadow side of orange is when someone gets into a new relationship, and they quickly go missing-in-action from their circle of friends.

Activating orange energy can be done by diffusing an orange essential oil in a diffuser, and incorporating orange-colored food and ingredients into your day such as oranges and turmeric.

Affirmation: My life is harmonious and balanced.

Pink is the color of perfection and self-love. Sleeping babies emanate peaceful, pink energy; they have not yet learned any limiting beliefs. As we grow older, many people become fearful of rejection and will avoid pain at all costs. When this happens, we often inadvertently block unconditional love from others.

Working with the color energy of pink restores us to see how we were originally created — perfect. By practicing self-care, we are telling the universe that we are worthy of love and respect.

Activating pink energy can be done by enjoying pink flowers, wearing pink nail polish, and taking yourself on a special date.

Affirmation: I deserve to see the light and love inside of me.

If you're interested in learning more about color energies and intuitive life coaching, book an introductory session by clicking here.

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