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Q&A with a Life Coaching Client

I get front row seats to see my life coaching clients transform before my eyes.

It may be gaining clarity on their career path.

It may be discovering truths in their relationships (with themselves or with others).

Or, it may be at a spiritual level and leveling up their own intuition and learning to truly trust it — like my client, Anna. She is a corporate executive, who was experiencing what some might call a Spiritual Awakening.

Read below to get her perspective after completing my 10-week intuitive life coaching program.

Question 1: What is something unexpected from your life coaching experience?

Anna: "I learned an incredible amount of information during my 10-week sessions, but I think what was truly unexpected but immensely fulfilling, was the power of intention. Thinking, speaking, acting, and loving with pure intention are truly life-altering."

Question 2: What is one of your biggest takeaways?

Anna: "Truth wins. Being true to myself and building trust in myself through truths is game-changing."

Question 3: What is Mary Beth's coaching style like?

Anna: "Authentic and approachable. Being the student is a change for me, but I could not have had a better teacher put in my path. I felt safe digging deep into my shadows and being able to share those experiences."

Question 4: Do you feel as though you accomplished what you wanted out of the intuitive life coaching program?

Anna: "Yes! The goal set at the beginning was accomplished. I will always be a work in progress and will schedule maintenance coaching check-ins, but the clarity of exploring my path for the rest of my life is incredible."

Question 5: What is your advice for someone considering Mary Beth's life coaching program?

Anna: "My particular journey was spiritual in nature, but the content could be applied to so many areas of your life (business, spirituality, relationships, etc.). There aren't enough words to describe how my life has changed through intention, truth, and beginning the blossom into my whole self. I'd be willing to chat with anyone who is on the fence."

If you'd like to learn more, book a Discovery Life Coaching Session by clicking here.

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